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  • Q:  If my child doesn't normally take naps, are they required to take one in daycare?

    • A:  Because Agape' is state liscensed, if your child is clocked into day care at 1:00, we are required to have them lay down on a cot and rest.  If your child does not fall asleep within about 30 minutes, they will be allowed to play quietly (look at a book, color, etc.) while the other children are sleeping.  Nap time is a good time for your child to relax and you are allowed to bring in a small pillow and blanket or special stuffed animal to make your child more comfortable.  Please be aware that all of the nap stuff must fit into the plastic bin provided to each child with the lid closed tightly.  This helps with the transmission of germs. Also please take your nap stuff home every Friday to wash and return with your child on Monday.  


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